Border Crossings

Border Crossings is a quarterly cultural magazine published in Winnipeg and edited by Meeka Walsh. Its subject is contemporary Canadian and international art and culture, which the magazine investigates through articles, columns, reviews, profiles, interviews and portfolios of drawings and photographs.
Border Crossings crosses both disciplinary and geographic boundaries in its coverage of the visual, performing and the literary arts. The magazine’s interest is in the edges where new art is produced.
Exploring the boundaries of culture with intelligence, wit and style, the magazine covers all areas of contemporary art. Border Crossings takes its readers in the freshest directions: from painting to performance, from architecture to sculpture, from video to film.
Border Crossings is renowned for its interviews with significant and interesting art makers and recognized for its consistently beautiful design and exacting production values. The writing and photography portfolios consistently win awards and it is noted as a ground-breaking magazine—read internationally, recognized and cited in other publications.

Website : http://www.bordercrossingsmag.com/1

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