Grain Magazine

Grain magazine published its first issue in June 1973, a gestetner edition with stapled, taped bindings, and with cover art on a card-stock cover by a then new artist Joe Fafard. The first edition, edited by Ken Mitchell, Anne Szumigalski, and Caroline Heath included writings by Robert Kroetsch, George Bowering, Robert Currie, and John V. Hicks, and cost $1.00. A subscription cost $2 a year, or $5 for three years. This was the first of a series of semi-annual issues.
In 1976, Grain began publishing three issues a year, and then in 1981, moved to its present quarterly - four issues a year - state.
Throughout all these years, Grain has published the best new writing from Canada and abroad, approximately 2000 pieces of writing and over 220 art images, many of them from Saskatchewan. Grain editors over the years have been: Ken Mitchell, Caroline Heath, E.F. Dyck, Brenda Riches, Mick Burrs, Geoffrey Ursell, J. Jill Robinson, Elizabeth Philips and currently, Kent Bruyneel.
Grain has grown up with a generation of literary magazines, and is proud to be alive and flourishing after nearly 30 years of life. This success is due to the readers, and contributors, but also to primary funding sponsors: Saskatchewan Writers Guild (publisher-in-chief), Sask Lotteries, Saskatchewan Arts Board, The Canada Council and The Canada Magazine Fund.

Website : http://www.grainmagazine.ca/

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