John Cleary Gallery - Houston - USA

John Cleary opened the gallery in 1996, in its current location on Gallery Row, and the gallery has evolved into the premier photography gallery in Houston. His passion for the medium was apparent, his knowledge evident, and his honesty as an art dealer unparallel. His personal collection of photographs of children, referred to as his “Kid Collection,” is known around the world, and his preference for mid-century French street photography is still evident in the gallery today.
Unfortunately, John passed away in February of 2008. His greatest wish was that the gallery continue, realizing that a gaping hole would be left in the Houston art world if it were to close. Having worked with John since 1999 as the gallery’s manager and director, I seemed the logical choice, and I take the responsibility of carrying on the John Cleary Gallery tradition with all the gravitas it is due.Even though my job has changed drastically since John’s passing, my passion for this business has not. My philosophy on dealing art has always been that it is not my job to sell anything to anyone. I am here to present work, offer information, and facilitate one finding a photography that will enhance his or her life. I love meeting first-time collectors who are really excited about a purchase, and I find a lot of joy in tracking down a rare or sold-out piece for a collector with a special request.
Catherine Couturier

Website : http://www.johnclearygallery.com/index.php

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