Asya Geisberg Gallery - New York - USA

Asya Geisberg Gallery presents a visually eclectic and conceptually focused program of thought-provoking contemporary art. AGG showcases art that manages to stand out and translate across multiple arenas of discourse, art history, and culture. We work with young emerging artists as well as established artists from abroad.
With a BA in literature and history, and an MFA in fine art, Asya Geisberg has worked in many aspects of the art world, as a writer, curator and artist. Her international background has fostered a life-long interest in cross-cultural pollination, and a unique perspective on the various idioms of art.
AGG aims to inspire, challenge and broaden the community of critics, collectors, and viewers. By opening its doors on West 23rd Street, AGG welcomes the opportunity to introduce a talented group of artists into Chelsea's vibrant arts environment.

Website : http://www.asyageisberggallery.com/index.php