Hendershot Gallery - New York - USA

Hendershot Gallery, founded in 2008 by James Hendershot, uses exhibitions and artist management to create relationships between artists, collectors and the public. The gallery has allowed for the creation of works that venture into both private and public spaces, granting artists access to a commercial world with site-specific works and installation. James Hendershot has been representing commercial photographers and directors in the advertising community for eight years. As the owner, Hendershot’s background in artist management allows for an exploration of new relationships in order to expand the boundaries of the ordinary white box gallery.

Hendershot Gallery has curated exhibitions for both emerging and well-established contemporary artists from around the world. The gallery’s new space on New York City’s Lower East Side is located within the heart of this neighborhood’s rapidly growing art scene, just steps away from the New Museum. Past exhibitions have included artists such as Arman, Richard Bosman, Ragnar Kjartansson, Marilyn Manson, Ugo Rondinone, and Lorna Simpson.

Website : http://www.hendershotgallery.com/

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