Muriel Guepin Gallery - New York - USA

The Muriel Guépin Gallery aims to make art more accessible, while allowing artists to increase their visibility and reach within their own community. The gallery exhibits works of exceptional quality by both emerging and more established artists, with a strong focus on artists who are Brooklyn based. It was founded in December 2008 as Shop Art, and in January 2010, it reopened into a new, larger space, and was renamed the Muriel Guépin Gallery.

With the reopening into the bigger, new space, the gallery aims to exhibit larger pieces of art, as well as installations and sculptures. Also, the bigger space now allows for an ambitious new art program for both children and adults.

The atmosphere at the Muriel Guépin Gallery is engaging, casual, and well organized; customers feel welcome and can easily identify artists they like. The gallery is separated into three different sections. The back of the gallery is dedicated to the art classes for both children and adults, encouraging creativity and engaging the community to be involved with art. Group and/or solo shows are displayed in the middle section of the gallery, and the front part showcases smaller, attractively priced artwork of artists represented by the gallery.

The Muriel Guépin Gallery believes that:
- Art should not be exclusively reserved for the elite initiate.
- Artists should be able to access an art market that is often unreachable.
- Amateurs are looking for easy and suitable access to contemporary art.
- It is important to be an outlet for developing creativity and viewing art of exceptional quality.

As a Brooklyn based gallery, the Muriel Guépin Gallery seeks to support and promote the vibrant artist community that it is a part of. The gallery exhibits both imaged-based and abstract work in different mediums, with an emphasis on painting, photography, works on paper, drawings, and sculptures. It offers about eight group/solo shows per year. Prices begin from under $100 and range up to $10,000. Thanks to its large offering of artwork and affordable prices, the Muriel Guépin Gallery attracts young collectors- those who are just beginning to make their first art purchases, as well as more mature art buyers who respect its “eye” for talent and quality.

Muriel Guépin, the owner of the gallery, has been collecting art for the past 18 years. She has an extensive collection of Brooklyn based and international artists, some of which are now part of museum permanent collections or have moved to well established galleries. Previously working in finance for the past 20 years, she decided to share her appreciation for the arts and help people in her community discover some of the artists she has been collecting over the years.

Website : http://www.murielguepingallery.com/index.html

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