Stephen Haller Gallery - Nerw York - USA

The Stephen Haller Gallery has evolved over 30 years. We strongly believe that a gallery should have a vision and an identity. In our search for artists over many years, the gallery has brought together a group of artists from different parts of the world that have a similar vision and sensibility.

The gallery is aligned with these artists and has developed its focus around their spirit and work. This work is emotional. It is gestural and avoids the mechanical. The artists seek to drive the image to its minimal essence.
The artist is the explorer of the conscious and unconscious mind — the interpreter of dreams and visions. In their works they are the diviners of insights and perceptions. Through their gestures, colors and mark making, their abstractions reveal universal truths.

We believe in the Gallery’s constant aesthetic that it has its precursors in art history and leaves open many future possibilities. It is an important consideration of the gallery that a work of art becomes more meaningful as time passes.

Website : http://www.stephenhallergallery.com/index.html

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