Lu Magnus - New York - USA

Lu Magnus is a salon-style gallery that seeks to expand upon the functions of a traditional art gallery. The founders’ dedication to maintaining a rigorous fine art program is only enhanced by their desire to create what founders Amelia Abdullahsani & Lauren Scott Miller refer to as an art laboratory, an incubator for cross-collaborations between artists of different mediums and art forms: film, music, dance, fashion and food.

Lu Magnus is a space that both facilitates and participates in the constant evolution, questioning and exploration of the idea – what is art? For example, Lu Magnus provides a space where musicians, dancers and fine art artists can explore freely, resulting in what was referred to in the fifties as a “happening”. Taking it a step further, adding food, fashion and film to the mix… a night of collaboration with innovative chefs to create an evening that engages all of the senses. By exploring and pushing the boundaries, Lu Magnus encourages a different way of interacting with art, instilling the love of art and collecting through an active outreach program that engages collectors and art lovers alike.

The Lu Magnus concept grew out of the founders’ varying backgrounds and different points of view: the art world insider and the art world outsider. Amelia Abdullahsani has been working in the art world for ten years, most recently as the Director of Stellan Holm Gallery. In addition to working closely with collectors and artists, she curated exhibitions that were reviewed by The New York Times and the Village Voice. She studied Architecture at the National University of Singapore before receiving a degree in Art History from Columbia University. Co-founder Lauren Miller was introduced to the art world while working at Luhring Augustine, 3 years before the inception of Lu Magnus. Prior to that, she started a fashion accessories design business that led her to live and work in New York City, Milan and Istanbul. Lauren graduated from the University of Virginia where she studied History and International Relations.

Website : http://lumagnus.com/ 

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