Michael Goedhuis - London - United Kingdom

Michael Goedhuis opened Michael Goedhuis Ltd in London in 1989, inaugurating the New York space in January 2002. Having spent two decades specialising in early Asian art, he now works in London and internationally to expand his concentration on Asia and Europe.

The Gallery's principal activities today are the promotion of the best Chinese contemporary art as well as Chinese works of art from the Neolithic period to Modern.

The current program concentrates on promoting the best Chinese ink painters working throughout the world today.

Goedhuis believes that China is currently undergoing a true "Cultural Revolution" which is not confined to art but is manifest in film, music, theatre, design, dance and literature and is leading to a rapid expansion of investment in art by a new generation of collectors.

He believes that contemporary Chinese Ink Painting is still at an early stage of recognition both in Asia and the West. It therefore offers exceptionally exciting and fruitful opportunities for collectors and museums. The program also encompasses the presentation of a wide range of Chinese works of art from all periods.

The new generation of Chinese is intent on retrieving their great cultural heritage and there is now a major drive to acquire Chinese art and antiques throughout the world. It is the objective of Michael Goedhuis to participate fully in restoring important works to committed institutional and private collections in China, as well as continuing to stimulate interest amongst museums in the West.

Website : http://www.michaelgoedhuis.com/Michael-Goedhuis-Gallery-Home-DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=1

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