Patrick Heide Contemporary Art - London - United Kingdom

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art sprung from a project space on London’s Church Street, patrick heide art projects, which was opened in 2004 showcasing an international repertory of artists that later on formed the base of the gallery program. In summer 2007 Patrick Heide Contemporary Art was founded to continue with parts of the already established program and to complement and reinforce it with a selection of new artists.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art fosters an international range of emerging and mid-career artists. The program ranges from the politically motivated projects of Thomas Kilpper and the anthropological sculptures of Francesco Pessina to the playfully yet obsessively executed abstract canvases of Karoly Keserü. The gallery is particularly dedicated to the medium of drawing by showing exceptional works like the systematic drawing series by Isabel Albrecht, the alienating Photocopy Drawings by Alex Hamilton and the movement based installations by Sharon Louden.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art aims to provide a rather timeless alternative to an art world that is often aimlessly theoretical and introspective yet addicted to marketing and fashion. In an attempt to reveal the underlying patterns of human society, its artists hope to create art that is intellectually challenging and socially relevant yet sensually and spiritually charged and technically accomplished.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art hopes to give prominence to artistic statements concerned about the condition of nature and human nature, its urbanisation, history and transformation.

Website : Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

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