Gladwell & Compagny - London - U.K.

Gladwell & Co., with its distinctive windows showing art to passers by, first came to the Cheapside area in 1752. Anthony Fuller, the gallery's owner, says
“I'm past retirement age,” says Anthony with a youthful smile, “but I can't wait to get here in the morning. My job is to look around for beautiful things. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a great picture.” Gladwell & Co. steer clear of abstract images, specializing in oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, etchings and mezzotints with traditional subjects.
“We never buy anything unless we like it, and we have touched it,” explains Anthony. “We do virtually no advertising, and most people come here by recommendation.” His passion for pictures explains why three or four generations of some families have always come here for art. People visit him from all over the world, and he thinks nothing of visiting five countries in a week to find new works for the gallery.

Website : http://www.gladwells.org.uk/

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