IMT Gallery - London - U.K.

IMT is a cutting-edge contemporary art gallery on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green, London. The vision of the gallery is to stage challenging and ambitious exhibitions, specific to the gallery, complemented with talks by artists, curators and critics. IMT was established to encourage innovative ideas and practices and promote artists who tackle concerns at the heart of contemporary culture.
The managerial team work closely with each artist for at least a year in advance of exhibition. This allows artists to generate projects that demonstrate artistic rigour and creative development, and respond to the space and its ethos. It also allows IMT to fundraise on behalf of the project, allowing the artist to concentrate on making the work for exhibition.
IMT gallery’s wide-ranging programme is designed to be inclusive of creative enquiry in contemporary media, but with particular emphasis on sound art and Polish new-media art. The gallery currently hosts an annual project by visiting curator Pawel Kaminski in association with the Polish Cultural Institute.

Website : http://www.imagemusictext.com/