Rebacca Hossack Art Gallery - London - U.K.

Rebecca Hossack was born in Melbourne in 1955. She came to England in the early Eighties to study for the bar at Lincoln’s Inn, but abandoned the law for a career in Art. Having studied at Christies and worked at the Guggenheim in Venice, she set up her own gallery – in Windmill Street, Fitzrovia – in March 1988. (She signed the lease on the premises in October 1987, only three days before the great stock-market crash on ‘Black Monday’.

The gallery, despite the economic climate, not only survived, but thrived. It has gained a reputation both for championing Aboriginal and Non Western Art, and for exhibiting contemporary ‘Western’ artists of rare individual vision. The gallery’s on going success is a vindication of Hossack’s boldness, eye, energy and commitment.

Hossack opened a second space in 1991, and a sculpture garden at St James’s, Piccadilly the following year. She is now moving the main gallery to a new three-storey building at 2a Conway Street, off Fitzroy Square, while keeping a second space at 28 Charlotte Street.

‘It is easy to be overwhelmed by Rebecca Hossack...She is straight from a kabuki Morte Darthur – over six feet tall, dramatically swathed in black Issey Miyake pleats. She delights in making things happen – exhibitions, sculpture gardens, riverside events, reputations.’

Website : http://www.r-h-g.co.uk/home/rebecca_hossack_art_gallery/

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