W11 - London - U.K.

West-Eleven represents some of the finest contemporary artistic talent in the country. While many of our artists work within traditional boundaries, we also promote visionary artists who bring an exciting and radical approach to their work.
West-Eleven also offers a fine selection of Impressionist, Modern British and 19th Century paintings.
While we cannot act as agents for every artist who approaches us, West-Eleven will always be happy to talk to artists with energy, dynamism and inventiveness. Our galleries can often be made available to those who would most benefit from an exhibition of their work, and West-Eleven will often assist in the promotion and organisation of these exhibitions.
Through our website, West-Eleven offers select works of art to those who cannot attend our exhibitions in London. The works you will find on this site are created with passion and energy and are representative of our enthusiasm for the medium. We will be pleased to talk to you about any of the artists who we represent and discuss in detail any of the works that are on offer.

Website : http://www.west-eleven.com/home.htm