Franklin Parrasch Gallery - New York - USA

Franklin Parrasch Gallery began in 1986, with a program guided by a conscious reflection upon the process of creativity as it relates to human evolution.

Over the past two decades, the gallery has established a profile of exhibiting Los Angeles artists whose careers emerged in the 1960s and whose aesthetic alignment with Minimalism developed independently from that of their East Coast contemporaries. Throughout numerous group exhibitions, the gallery has explored artistic philosophies specific to West Coast subcultures, including hot-rodding and surfing, and how these sensibilities informed the works of Los Angeles artists of this time period.

Our recently-opened project space in Chelsea presents new art by contemporary artists, pairings of material by like-spirited artists from a variety of periods, ephemeral installations, and historical works grouped in contexts designed to bend preconceptions.

The gallery consistently organizes shows that consider diverse evolutionary theories, with a focused sensitivity to the migration of ideas and aesthetic development as expressed by a wide range of artists who employ innovative practices.

Website : http://www.franklinparrasch.com/

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