Otto Naumann Gallery - New York - USA

The gallery was first established in 1982 as a partnership with John Hoogsteder, a renowned art dealer from The Hague, The Netherlands. The firm was appropriately named "Hoogsteder-Naumann, Ltd". As is often the case with partnerships of this kind, the two principals eventually went their own way, acting independently but remaining occasional partners in pictures. Otto Naumann Ltd. began as an independent entity in 1985, but will always remain grateful to John Hoogsteder for his inspirational guidance in the pleasures and pitfalls of buying pictures and operating a sound business. We are pleased to inform our readers that John Hoogsteder continues to thrive as an art dealer in The Hague, this time with an ideal and lasting partner, his son Willem.

Until 1994, Otto Naumann Ltd. operated from a single floor of a townhouse on East 74th Street. These relatively modest premises were abandoned in that year for the sumptuous quarters in 22 East 80th Street. Ideally located less than one block from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the townhouse was readily occupied by other major art dealers, including Barbara Mathes, Mark Brady, and Leigh Morse.

Website : http://www.ottonaumannltd.com/

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