Mireille Mosler Ltd. - New York - USA

Acquiring or selling a work of art requires expert knowledge of art history and an in-depth understanding of the art market, both public and private. As an agent working in the service of the collector, Mireille Mosler Ltd. can make well-informed, objective, aesthetic and economic judgments and offer sound advice about works of art, independent from other dealers, galleries or auction houses.

Art advisory services are offered by Mireille Mosler Ltd. to private collectors, corporations and museums. With extensive knowledge of diverse areas of the art market, including Old Masters, French nineteenth-century paintings, Modern and Contemporary art, Mireille Mosler Ltd. provides clients with the following services:

* locating art work for acquisition
* advice on how and where to sell a work of art
* specific counsel on auction purchases, as well as discrete bidding on behalf of clients
* negotiation of all aspects of purchases and sales
* collection management including shipping, insurance, storage, photography, conservation, framing and cataloguing
* handling requests for long-term loans to museums or temporary exhibitions
* art historical research, including provenance research

Website :http://mireillemoslerltd.com/index.html

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