The Phatory - New York - USA

The Phatory llc is committed to exhibiting exceptional contemporary art in all media by both emerging and established artists. Located in one of the most vibrant areas of the new East Village, The Phatory llc continues the neighborhood’s long cultural history as a center of the avant-garde. In keeping with the East Village’s distinct rhythm, traditions, and ever-changing forms of expression, the gallery is open outside conventional hours and by appointment.

Situated at street level, exhibitions are often designed with the passerby in mind. It is not uncommon to encounter kinetic or video works as part of many of the installations. During off hours, viewers can experience an attenuated version of each show through the gallery’s window, thereby integrating The Phatory’s presence with the pedestrian’s experience of the neighborhood.

The Phatory llc is located just east of New York’s Tompkins Square Park between Avenues B & C at 618 E 9th Street.

Website : http://phatory.com/

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