Galerie Ficher Rohr - Basel - Switserland

I have been active in the field of art since 1980, in projects including the restoration of the Pelourinho district of Salvador-Bahia, the restoration of São Paulo City Theater, and the post of director of the 20th São Paulo Biennale.

In 2005, based on these experiences and my wide-ranging contacts with artists, I decided to open my own gallery in Basel. The gallery’s aim is not primarily to provide a sales platform for art, but to organize exhibitions guided by special conceptions. This philosophy was shaped by my past involvement with art.

We have always set great store in looking behind the artwork to discover the artist as an individual. Our dealings with artists are generally familiar and personal in character. In order to understand their art, inspirations, and statements, it is also important to exchange ideas with curators and art historians, enabling us to publish catalogues of our exhibitions. These are intended to supplement artists’ visual statements by verbal communications. This type of exhibition also corresponds with the artists’ wishes, and meets them with the respect they deserve.

Often artists themselves select works with an eye to conveying a certain message and install these seamlessly in our spaces. The enthusiasm shown by both artists and audiences encourages us to continue our work along these lines and develop it with passion – an ample reward for all of our efforts.

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