Galerie le Sud - Zürich - Switserland

Gallery le sud presents contemporary art of artists from Switzerland, the Mediterranean and Africa among others. Besides of that we show a great collection of tribal art, objects and sculptures from Africa and the Pacific oceans.

In the gallery le Sud, new tendencies of african art, particularly in the area of painting may be admired. The gallery builds a bridge to the black continent and marks a fixpoint for contemporary african art as well as for tribal art in Zurich. The gallery shows a choice of alternating collections of objects, statues and masks from Africa and Oceania.
The galerist and african travelling artist Ted Gueller connects the Limmatstadt Zürich with the african way of life and brings an exciting selection of objects of art, everyday items from tribal areas, textiles and masks to the city as rarely seen here before.

The gallery shows exhibitions of young artists, who have a formal relation to African topics, among them for example the recycling theme. Young artists with potential and with strong and impressive exhibitions are shown in the gallery in alternating exhibitions. In continuous intervals, also leading artists of the younger generation will be shown. At the same time the gallery holds a stock a few paintings from all artists which can be shown on demand.

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