Galerie zur Stockeregg - Zürich - Switserland

Established in 1979, Galerie Zur Stockeregg has exhibited a wide range of high quality vintage master photographs that spans the history of its medium from the 20th century to present. From inception, our mission has been to actively define, develop and ultimately engage the art community in the evolving history of photography.

The emphasis of the newly renovated space, which is divided into an exhibition room and a showroom, lies on the artists of recent and current photography, who contribute, through their commitment, to the art-historical, future development of photography.
We present artists of contemporary photography, focusing specifically on analogue photography that meets the strictest standards of both artistic value and quality. Our goal is to set forth and implement an educational and seminal message of distinct differentiation from that of digital photography ("digigraphy").

Due to our years of experience and great enthusiasm for photography, Galerie Zur Stockeregg is also willing to teach and advise new collectors about photography and to assist and guide them in expanding their collection over a period of time.
Interview with Kaspar Fleischmann on Xecutive.net

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