Galerie Barthelmess & Wischnewski - Berlin - Deutschland

When we opened our gallery in November 1990 (then at the Gendarmenmarkt,
right in the middle of former East-Berlin), the reunification of Germany was only
one month old. We were actually the first gallery that started its business in the
“new East” of Berlin.

From the beginning we focused on paintings and graphic art of the late 19th and
early 20th century. We were especially concerned about the long forgotten Berlin
art of this time, which we presented in numerous exhibitions as well as in several
collaborations with museums and art collections in Germany and abroad.
In addition we turned our attention to the “rediscovery” of almost forgotten artists,
quite a few of whom had their first one-man-show at our gallery.
For instance, the posters of Reinhard Hoffmüller were first exhibited here – some of
them are now in the collection of the Kunstbibliothek Berlin as well as in the Museum
of Modern Art, New York. The work of Heinrich Basedow, one of the founding
members of the Berlin Secession, was also exhibited here for the first time in more
than sixty years. He has since become a „household name“ to collectors, joining
other artists we introduced in our gallery, such as Kurt Haase-Jastrow, Johannes
Rudolphi, Elisabeth Andrae, Hans Hartig, Wilhelm Wagner, Mathilde Kliefert-Gießen
or Elisabeth Büchsel.

The gallery has also repeatedly exhibited the work of internationally renowned
artists who lived and worked between 1880 and 1930: Nicolas Tarkhoff, Pierre
Bonnard, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Heinrich Zille and - Henri de Toulouse-
Lautrec, whose graphic work was presented at our gallery in 1994, for the first time
since the 1920ies in a sales exhibition.

In autumn 2003 we moved into a vast and impressive flat on Giesebrechtstsr. 10/
corner Kurfürstendamm. Built in 1904, it perfectly matches the art we are

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