Infantellina Contemporary - Berlin - Deutschland

Infantellina Contemporary opened on October 18th, 2008 and is located at Gendarmenmarkt, the elegant district in the heart of Berlin. In 2012 the gallerist fouded a new gallery in the well-known Schlueterstrasse/Pestalozzistrasse in Charlottenburg. The gallery's aim is to bring a warm South-European sunray into Berlin's art scene. I-C ist the first one and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian contemporary art.

In our comprehensive and selective exhibition program, we offer to an international audience, a selection of artworks by young established artists as well as new up and coming talents, active in different media, with an eye for experimentation. I-C has, moreover, the ambition to foster the artists' wish to bring forth fresh and contemporary concepts capable of both challenging the spectator emotionally, and supplying interesting impulses - or merely visual satisfaction - so as to showcase the fine products of the Italian art scene.

In the city that - in the last few years - has arguably become the symbol of the contemporary art scene, Infantellina Contemporary wishes to represent a cluster for all lovers of Italian art. Thanks to I-C, the Italian art tradition and the city of Berlin come to merge into an explosive mixture.

Infantellina Contemporary Gallery[ I ][C] is a gallery born from the requirement of the owner, P. Charlotte Stein-Infantellina, of having a real exposition space, creating a platform to carry foreward a positive message, through the choice of the artists and the selection of the works, stimulating the active interaction with collectors, attaché’s to the activities, institutions and artists also.

Infantellina Contemporary [ I ][C] gushes from the star of the aesthetic and organizational flexibility; the departure point consists in proposing, nearly exclusively, young even if asserted, Italian artists and a selection of emergent Italian talents, spacing between the several artistic techniques, and additionally special-guests with international provenance.

Infantellina Contemporary [ I ][C] has the ambition, being the birthplace of tomorrows stars, to give them a chance to be able to explain fresh and contemporary concepts that can involve the spectator emotionally, supplying reflection cues and - on the other hand - just simple visual satisfaction. Having a vision projected towards the future rather than to describe plans realized in past, we prefer to invite you to estimate personally, and hope you’ll follow us in this different adventure and maybe the next artist on his way to the Olymp.

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