Galerie Deschler - Berlin - Deuitschland

The Galerie Deschler opened its space in a carefully restored late 19th-century building in 1995. It is located in renowned Auguststrasse in Berlin’s Mitte district, right in the heart of Berlin’s dynamic new gallery scene. The gallery is very active in the art community and as a member of the LVBG (State Association of Berlin Galleries).

The gallery supports young and experimental positions of contemporary art, presenting to the public pioneering approaches in the areas of painting, sculpture, objects, and new media. Its focus is on figurative art and technically innovative explorations of artistic traditions. Important examples of this approach are Jay Mark Johnson's photographic motion studies, Stefan Roloff’s digital morphing of photographs in his portrait series, Tony Conway’s inventive use of digital photography to create multi-layered pictures with a sculptural presence, Christian Roeck's rendering of after-images in his interactive RETINA PROJECT, as well as Holger Bär’s use of a painting robot developed by himself. An ironic use and play with the forms of traditional craftsmanship are a prominent feature in KEHL’s lacquered wood sculptures based on popular woodcraft figures from the German Erzgebirge region, in Patricia Waller’s bewildering world of whimsical objects made of crochet work, in Hans van Meeuwen’s unusual view of everyday objects, and in Wolfram Odin’s combination of wallpaper patterns and personal ads in his wallpaper installations. More established positions represented by the gallery include Xenia Hausner’s combinations of painting, photography and collage, Elvira Bach’s paintings of strong women, as well as Rainer Fetting’s gesturally-expressive paintings. The gallery has an international scope and currently represents artists from many different countries, including Germany, the US, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Chile, and Argentina.

In its exhibition policy, the gallery does not dogmatically cling to a rigid structure. Rather, it deliberately seeks out crucial breaks in contemporary art that reflect its multifaceted variety in a complex period characterized by ceaseless change. Shows in the past have often included installations, video works, and collaborative projects. The gallery’s yearly “Curious” show presents unusual and experimental positions in contemporary sculpture and object-making.
The gallery is very active in organizing and supporting international art projects, in participating in national and international art fairs, and in producing publications.

Website : Galerie Deschler