Boundary Gallery - London - UK

The Boundary Gallery is twenty three years old and concentrates on two schools of painting: Modern British (1900 - 1950) and Contemporary.
1. Some key artists of the Modern British School include David Bomberg, Horace Brodzky, Jacob Epstein, Jacob Kramer, Alfred Wolmark as well as Josef Herman and Morris Kestelman - both of whose estates the gallery is handling. The Gallery prides itself as leading expert in Jewish Artists most of whom, or whose parents, originated in Eastern Europe.Examples of works by all these artists can always be seen at the gallery. About once a year a major show is mounted featuring a Modern British artist or a theme - usually linking up with a museum exhibition
2. The other area of activity is an exhibition programme displaying works by contemporary artists including : David Breuer-Weil, Sonia Lawson R.A., Davina Jackson, Peter Prendergast, Anita Klein, Neil MacPherson, June Redfern, David Tress.
The works shown are figurative with strong composition, with something to say, good draughtsmanship and a brilliant palette. These are qualities in which the Boundary Gallery firmly believes.The gallery publishes five to six catalogues a year.
Its owner, Agi Katz, was curator of the Ben Uri Collection for six years and ran their gallery in central London . There she organised some remarkable exhibitions including a Jacob Epstein Centenary exhibition , a retrospective of Mark Gertler, a show of David Bomberg, Bomberg and his Family as well as a touring show of Jacob Kramer.
Museums that have purchased from the gallery include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Milwaukee City Gallery; the British Museum, Imperial War Museum,London, Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Jewish Museum, New York.

Website : http://www.boundarygallery.com/index.html