Young Gallery - Brussel - BEL

Pascal Young opened his first gallery in June 2000, presenting a collection of photographs chosen for their formal and contemporary spirit.
His first exhibition, which presented portraits of stars by renowned Paris Match reporter Claude Azoulay (France), was a great success.
Along with the Andreas H. Bitesnich (Austria) exposition in February 2003, Pascal inaugurated his second gallery, located at the rear of the first within a quaint interior court. The subsequent raise in exhibition space (250m2) now provides the opportunity to showcase additional works, or works of greater size. The art is offered to an increasing number of people interested in photography at exhibitions which have now become events in their own right in Brussels.
In 2004, the Gallery exhibited a lot of international photographers, like: Charlotte March (Germany), William Claxton (USA), Greg Gorman (USA), Bruno Bisang (Switzerland) and Thomas Eigel (Germany).
The program for 2005 was also very interesting. We saw among other things: Mark Seliger (USA), Vincent Fournier (France), Richard Gere (USA)…
In October 2005, Young gallery moved to the Conrad Hotel (Wiltcher's Place) in the center of Brussels.
The vocation of the Young Gallery is therefore to honour and reveal today’s photographers - whether they are confirmed artists or recently discovered talents exercising their gift in colour or black and white - by offering them six exhibitions a year. The Gallery opened with the exceptional exhibition of Patrick Demarchelier (France).
In 2006 and 2007, the exhibitions of Nick Brandt (USA), David Drebin (Canada), David Burdeny (Canada) and Albert Watson (Scotland) scored a big success.
In 2008, the gallery exposed other very interested artists, like : Florian Böhm (Germany), Josef Hoflhner (Austria) and Daniel and Geo Fuchs (Germany).T
In 2009, the gallery exposed David Burdeny with his "Icebergs". You will see the exhibitions of Michel Comte in May, Floriane de Lassée and Ambroise Tezenas in september and the Nick Brandt' s new work in november.
The Young Gallery also offers for sale a large and diverse choice of photography work as well as a dedicated picture.

Website : http://www.younggalleryphoto.com/photography.html