Chris Beetles Art Gallery - London - UK

This large informal gallery in the centre of London's best known art dealing district specialises in over 2 centuries of English art. Chris Beetles who owns the business has been dealing for 25 years, and for 16 years from this location in the heart of St James's. Though firmly established as a watercolour specialist and expert, he also deals significantly in oils in the £2000-£200,000 range.
The stock or inventory we carry is the biggest in the country and ranges from the late 18th century through the cream of the 19th and 20th century, to a small group of traditional contemporary gallery artists. In addition the gallery is acknowledged as showing the greatest stock of Illustrators and Cartoonists in the world, an affordable area of art with prices starting as low as £100. The Chris Beetles Gallery has done much to popularise this rapidly growing collectors area. The catalogues we produce for our annual Illustrators exhibition in November have become the definitive literature on the subject, bought by libraries and museums around the world.
Specialist exhibitions change on a monthly basis while a permanent display of the full range of pictures is maintained on other floors of this bright dynamic space. A complete framing service and advice on valuation and restoration is available on site.

Website : http://www.chrisbeetles.com/index.htm

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