Clase Fine Art - London - UK

Based in London, Clase Fine Art is an international purveyor of paintings, watercolours and drawings. Founder and director, Andrés Olow Clase, travels worldwide in order to acquire new works and to advise private clients on potential additions to their collections through private acquisition or through the auction rooms.
Following his education in Sweden, Gibraltar, England and Italy, Andrés joined the 19th Century European Paintings Department at Sotheby's Bond Street, London. In addition to his professional background, Andrés also undertook postgraduate study - at the University of London - specialising in Netherlandish and Dutch paintings.
Building on this expertise, Clase Fine Art keeps a range of Fine Pictures for immediate viewing. Equally, Clase Fine Art has a proven history of advising clients on all aspects of purchasing, museum loans, selling and the conservation of paintings, watercolours & drawings.

Website : http://www.clasefineart.com/index.php?lang=eng