think.21 gallery - Brussel - BEL

Located in the heart of Brussels, think.21 gallery aspires to be a beacon discussing the complexities and diversities of contemporary artistic creation through its careful selection of Belgian and international artists.
think.21 follows closely all developments in art while paying close attention to artistic creation inspired by and conveyed through new media. For think.21 new media art is not an artform solely exploring its digital and technologically complex nature. It is also closely affiliated to the evolution of contemporary art and is preoccupied by the same current universal themes.
Taking into account the diversity of new technologies and their specific impact on the visua arts, one is bound to study the ensuing hybrid of forms. The result is a body of work exhibited by think.21 that embraces artworks carrying the marks of the “traditional” language of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, etc, with artworks that have a straight-forward digital characte. Furthermore, think.21 does not fail to keep a close eye on the general artistic production and does not hesitate to widen its scope of vision in order to exhibit strong, but with no digital affiliation, work.
think.21 is supporting young creators as well as more established artists in their practice. What distinguishes the project is that it combines an exhibition space, a residence and a production studio, offering logistical and financialsupport to the artists in its roster. Specific projects are therefore developed, especially designed for exhibitions in the gallery space where scenography plays a major role think.21 wishes to be a space of creation, reflection and discovery of new artistic forms. An editorial project adds to the programming and documentation on topics addressed is available to visitors. A fresh look, experimentation and quality guide the gallery’s research and artistic choices.
The identity of think.21 is deliberately flux and in permanent development. The leitmotiv is to allow the public, including beginners, amateurs and collectors, to discover the most stimulating concentration of today’s artisticcreation.

Website : http://www.think21gallery.com/index.html